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Overview of Viphaphone Hotel in Phongsaly. Hotel staffs at Phongsaly Viphaphone Hotel are willing to help you throughout your stay at the hotel. The Viphaphone Hotel is one of the comfortable 2 star hotels in Phongsaly.
Laos is one of the popular destinations in Asia. There are many interesting venue for tourists such as historical sites and natural attractions. Hotel Viphaphone is located in Phongsaly, one of the famous attractions of Laos. Travelers can have a great time during their holidays at Viphaphone Hotel.  Viphaphone hotel rooms feature practical room amenities that meet the 2 star rating hotel standard. Hotel Viphaphone has numbers of guestrooms and suites with 3 types of rooms such as STANDARD, STANDARD ONE BEDROOM, FAMILY.  
Location of Viphaphone Hotel in Phongsaly
Located in Phongsaly, Viphaphone hotel is easy accessible from the tourist attractions. Phongsaly Viphaphone Hotel is close to public transportation of Phongsaly city. 
Room amenities at Hotel Viphaphone
Viphaphone Hotel - Bedroom Viphaphone Hotel - Bedroom
Viphaphone Hotel is in Phongsaly providing well-appointed room facilities for guest's satisfaction.
Hotel Facilities and Services at Hotel Viphaphone
Viphaphone Hotel  
Viphaphone Hotel - Restaurant  
Guests will enjoy various activities while staying at Viphaphone Hotel with wide range of recreational facilities. Moreover, Viphaphone Hotel also provides additional services for further assistances .